Abortion In Pennsylvania

The Abortion Industry

In June of 2012, in response to the horrific Kermit Gosnell Case a new set of regulations “ACT 122” went into effect requiring abortion facilities to be licensed as outpatient surgical centers and subject to regular inspections. 

These Regular Inspection Report are available here. The State Inspections have revealed that the abortion industry fails to comply with state regulations. Over the years, Philadelphia area abortion facilities have “failed to provide a safe and sanitary environment,” and reports reveal “dirty instruments,” and “darkened stains on patient benches,” among other safety and health violations. 

The Abortion Industry is a business, built on disregard for human life. “In 2014, there were 32,126 abortions performed in Pennsylvania”  and according to the 2015 Facility Report compiled based on the individual reports from facilities, there were 16,163 Abortion performed in Greater Philadelphia.

This Link provides details about Pennsylvania abortion Law, while the following is a brief summary.

    Parental Consent is required for un emancipated minors

    Informed Consent:   women must be given information about the gestation and development of her baby, the physical dangers of abortion and the alternatives available which would include financial assistance if she bears the child.  Women can refuse this information but it must be made available 24 hours prior to the procedure.

    Late Term Abortion: Abortion is until 24 weeks when it is available only if a mother’s life is in danger or pregnancy could cause serious impairment






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