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A Partnership between Catholic Social Services and the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.

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Volunteers are always needed! Keep scrolling to learn about our specific needs and what might be a good fit for you!

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 We are always in need of specific material goods. Email mail@prolifeunion.org to inquire about this week's needs.

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You can learn more by reading about The Cenacle below or emailing mail@prolifeunion.org

We are in need for volunteers for our Frankford Family Life Center (official name coming soon). The descriptions and requirements for the positions that need to be filled can be found below! Please email cpinto@prolifeunion.org if interested. 


About The Cenacle

In October of 2021, the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia, in partnership with Catholic Social Services, opened the first-ever Community-Based Culture of Life Initiative of its kind in Frankford (just north of Kensington), Philadelphia: The Cenacle. The goal is to transform Frankford into a Culture of Life by building a sustainable, self-sufficient, and permanent pro-life presence there. Through education, community engagement, compassionate service and programming, we will partner with Catholic Social Services and the Capuchin Friars at the Padre Pio Prayer Center to build an effective program that minimizes abortion-risk in the area.

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