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Your presence and voice can be life-changing for a woman about to enter an abortion clinic or a woman who looks worried or unsure of what she would like to do. That’s why the Pro-Life Union established “Newby Saturday” to help first-time, or fairly newer witnesses, become effective in their approach to help women choose life for their unborn baby.

Newby Saturday occurs on the second Saturday of each month from 10 am-12 pm outside Planned Parenthood at 12th & Locust Sts. in Philadelphia. (Fact: 4,231 abortions occurred at this clinic in 2018.)

These events are designed to answer the following questions:

  • Is there a brochure I can hand to women?

  • Do I have to/can I talk to anyone?

  • Where can I stand?

  • What are the yellow-vested ‘escorts’ doing?

  • Is there anything I should or shouldn’t do?

  • Some people are praying the rosary, but I don’t do that; what else can I do?

  • Is everybody going inside the building getting an abortion?

  • Is there a way to tell if a woman has arrived for an abortion?

  • What are those brown bags women are carrying out?

Newby Saturday Dates in 2021:

  • January 9th

  • February 13th

  • March 13th

  • April 10th

  • May 8th

  • June 12th

  • July 10th

  • August 14th

  • September 11th

  • October 9th

  • November 13th

  • December 11th

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To communicate the importance of human life in your local community, visit the Pro-Life Union’s 40 Days for Life web page to find locations in the Greater Philadelphia area. Feel free to also visit the 40 Days for Life official website for additional resources. The next 40 Days for Life campaign will run from September 25-November 3, 2019. To lead a campaign in your city/town, click here to apply online by June 21, 2019.


Please consider contributing toward the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia’s ongoing efforts with outreach. Click here to donate and learn how your financial gift will impact numerous lives.

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