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Sidewalk Servants

Men and women of any age who volunteer one hour a month (or more) to pray and offer resources to anyone entering or leaving an abortion clinic. It is through love and prayer that hearts can be transformed and lives can be saved.
Want to become better equipped to share the pro-life message?
Click here for a list of best practices and other information for Sidewalk Servants. Please also watch our educational Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start video series of episodes in order:

Episode 1 “Setting the Scene”:
What is the emotional aftermath to abortion? What are the loving alternatives? In episode 1 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, hear from two women who discover the deeper truth behind advocating for mother and child. Featuring Carly Freeth and Lauren Kretzer.

Episode 2 “The Abortion Industry”:
How does abortion work? What are the real-world consequences? What are the risks? In episode 2 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, equip yourself with the facts on the ins and outs of the abortion industry. Featuring Abby Johnson, Dr. Monique Ruberu, and Dr. Anthony Levatino.

Episode 3 “The Sidewalk Servant”:
What does a loving response to abortion look like? In episode 3 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, learn about what it means to be a Peaceful Presence, a Prayer Advocate, and a Sidewalk Counselor. Featuring Deacon Bill Bradley.

Episode 4 “Common Objections”:
Is being a Sidewalk Servant safe? Is it legal? Why can’t we just pray at home? In episode 4 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, see why publicly witnessing outside of abortion centers is the most powerful, loving thing we can do in the face of abortion. Featuring Dr. Monique Ruberu.

Episode 5 “A Peaceful Presence”:
What does a first day outside of an abortion center look like? What difference can just being ‘present’ make? In episode 5 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, hear from a sidewalk servant about what to expect on your first day and how to bring peace in the midst of trial and struggle. Featuring Carolyn Dombrowski.

Episode 6 “A Prayer Advocate”:
Do prayers really matter? Should we pray a certain way? In episode 6 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, learn what it means to be Jesus outside of an abortion center. Featuring Maureen Lomady.

Episode 7 “The Sidewalk Counselor”:
What are the alternatives to abortion? Are we helping, or are we just being judgmental? In episode 7 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, see how empathizing with a woman considering abortion and offering her a loving alternative go hand in hand. Featuring Faith Leopold.

Episode 8 “Empathy and Truth”:
What do we say to a woman going into an abortion center? Why is she here? In episode 8 of the Sidewalk Servant Quick-Start series, put yourself into a woman’s shoes and understand the real-life reasons someone might show up at an abortion center. Featuring Patrick Stanton.


Epilogue “Now What?”

Get started as a Sidewalk Servant today, and we’ll put you in touch with leaders across the Greater Philadelphia region! Visit our Volunteer page and fill out the brief online form (under the question “How would you like to volunteer?” check off the option “I’d like to pray and witness outside of an abortion facility”). You may also call the Pro-Life Union’s office number at 215-885-8150 for more information.

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