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About Generation Life

There’s little doubt that there is more pressure put on our young people than ever before. The “compare and despair” culture of social media glorifies promiscuity, selfishness and instant gratification. Sex is flaunted as something transactional and casual, when we know it is anything but. The culture tells young people that our bodies are to be used, not honored, loved, or cherished. Where life and love are meaningless, the human person becomes disposable, resulting in hook-ups, failed relationships, and all too often, abortion. With mixed messages and negative role models everywhere they look, it becomes nearly impossible for young people to value who they are, maintain a healthy self-respect, and find true happiness. That is why for over two decades Generation Life has spread the Pro-Life and Chastity messages based on the positive principles of LOVE, HOPE, JOY and most of all – FREEDOM.

We help young people understand that when they choose chastity, they choose freedom, not only freedom from, but freedom to. Chastity is more than avoiding heartbreak, loneliness, emotional trauma, disease, and crisis pregnancy. Chastity affords us the freedom to remain receptive to the amazing plan for our lives, our relationships, and the gift of our sexuality. In chastity, young people are free to find out who they are, and discover their true purpose, to find authentic love, be faithful and live generously.

There is a harmful misconception that chastity is only for perfect people with no track record. That’s why teenagers may think, “This doesn’t apply to me.” or “It’s too late for me.” That fact is, we can always start over. The message of Generation Life is that chastity is for anyone at any time. Chastity is not about feeling shame for one’s past actions; it is about choosing the happiest, healthiest future! This lifestyle is about honoring the dignity of ourselves and others to build healthy, joyful relationships, and we are here to show young people that it’s possible.

Our Talks

Generation Life currently offers four unique presentations. We speak to students in grade 7 to young adults. Each talk is carefully tailored to be age appropriate for the students who we are reaching.

Pro-Life Presentation- (boys and girls from grade 7- grade 12. The presentation is tailored to the age of students we are reaching.)

This multimedia presentation introduces students to the fundamental meaning and mission of the pro-life movement. Walking through historical evidence, biological fetal development, and student-driven question-and-answer, this presentation shares the gift and beauty of life in an interactive, age-appropriate way. We do not use graphic images of any kind.

Chastity Presentation- (boys and girls from grade 7 to grade 12. Genders will be separated and students will meet separately with our male and female speakers. The presentation is tailored to the age of the students we are reaching.)

This engaging presentation allows students to enjoy discussion of both the joy and practicality of Chastity, providing clear definitions, inspiring examples, and tips on how to live this virtue as young men and women. Speakers use stories, testimony, and science to present the connection between virtue, friendship, dating, marriage, and vocation.

Dating with Dignity- (college students- young adults)

This slideshow presentation walks students through ten tips on how to navigate today’s dating scene while still embracing the virtue of chastity. Drawing from research, personal testimonies, and St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, our speakers provide a framework for how young people can enter meaningful relationships that ultimately pave the way for a happy marriage.

God’s Glorious Girl (girls ages 10-13, typically girls attend this talk with their mother.)

In this presentation our female speaker shares wisdom gained through personal experience. Our speaker shares that virtue is the fastest route to happiness and the truest source of beauty. In the age of 'influencers', she encourages the young ladies not to allow themselves to be swayed by untrue narratives found in social media, but to instead look to the lives of the Saints for solid examples to gracefully navigate the mysterious, at times challenging, but ultimately beautiful journey from childhood to womanhood. Our speaker empowers mothers to pass on their wisdom of their experience of fertility awareness, positive body image, and human dignity. This talk will leave mothers and daughters laughing, feeling uplifted and most importantly, empowered to be the young women they are called to be!

Visit the Generation Life website to learn more.

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