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From Pre-Babies to Moms & Dads to the FBI & the Courtroom

Mark Houck, the founder of The King's Men, and a local pro-life leader, was recently arrested by the FBI and is being prosecuted by the Federal Department of Justice for protecting his young son from an aggressive and obscene abortion "escort."

Although this confrontation happened well away from an entrance to the downtown Planned Parenthood entrance, and even though the pro-abortion Philadelphia DA could not justify bringing any charges, the Federal Government raided Mark's home with guns drawn and have charged him under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. Mark's trial begins on January 24.

Here are Mark's reflections:

Friends, the last 20 years have been quite a journey! I was invited to stand up for life back in the year 2000 by my late mother, Mary Jane Houck-Finn. Like most of you, I went to my first prayer vigil with faith the size of a mustard seed only to realize that this step of faith would lead to a huge groundswell of support and a ministry that has literally traveled all over the world.

Like you, I trusted in God and His plans for my young life and now my family’s life. I prayed fervently and continue to do so often. Although, as of September 23, 2022, all of my efforts have culminated in one defining moment. Who am I as a Catholic? Who am I as a father? Who am I as a husband? Who am I as a pro-life leader and activist? Who am I as an evangelist? I realize, at this moment in time, God has called me to give witness to all of the identities that make me who I am. I humbly accept the gift of this cross, which He has chosen me to bear for His glory.

As my family and I await my trial and the revelation of God’s further plans for our lives, I am grateful for the wonderful support that we have received. The pro-life movement has always been there for us, just like it has always been there for all moms and dads who either choose or who sadly don’t choose life. The outcome of our presence and involvement in the pro-life movement is not always for us to determine. God’s holy and permissive will allows what He deems good for His people. We don’t always understand the ways and the whys behind what happens when we give witness, but we trust our presence has made a difference.

Finally, as I wait to see the fruits of my recent labor, which has drawn so much attention, I ask you to pray with me. Pray for God’s holy will to be done in the lives of the judge, the Honorable Gerald Pappert, presiding over my case; Pray for the many abortion workers who have facilitated and corroborated this injustice to me and my family; Pray for my legal team made up of Brian McMonagle and Peter Breen, from the Thomas More Society; And finally, pray for the 12 jurors who will decide my fate. I invite all who are in receipt of this newsletter to join me for an all-night prayer vigil at Saint Agnes parish in Sellersville, PA. I will be praying at the adoration chapel from 10 pm on Monday January 23rd to 6 am Tuesday January 24th, which is the first day of my trial.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Mark Houck


The King’s Men, Inc.

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