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No local US Representatives Sign On to Protect Women

Congressional Delegation Demands FDA Reverse Promotion of Mail-order Abortion Drugs

None of the representatives serving Greater Philadelphia signed on to protect women from dangerous chemical abortion drugs. Make them aware that we are very disappointed by calling them. Brian Fitzpatrick: Montco, Bucks, Phila

Dwight Evans - Phila Brendan Boyle - Montco, Phila

Mary Gay Scanlon - Delco Madeline Dean - Phila

Chrissy Houlihan - Chesco Matt Cartwright - Montco

Bicameral Letter Details FDA’s Dangerous Decisions to Approve Abortion Drugs & Weaken Safeguards by Mail and Telemedicine U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo and Congressmen Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher joined 73 of their colleagues from the Senate and House of Representatives in calling for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reverse its illegal actions in promoting mail-order chemical abortion drugs. “We call on the FDA to remove mifepristone from the market, or, at minimum, promptly restore and further strengthen the initial basic health and safety requirements for abortion drugs, and cease permitting the mailing and shipping of abortion drugs in violation of Federal criminal law,” they wrote.

The lawmakers describe the FDA’s Jan. 3 action as “dangerous, reckless, and illegal” in that it:

  • Threatens the health and safety of pregnant mothers by eliminating the requirement for in-person dispensing, increasing risks of potentially life-threatening complications without an in-person screening.

  • Violates the FDA’s legal obligations to protect the safety of women and girls.

  • Violates longstanding federal criminal laws barring the mailing and shipping of abortion drugs.

  • Imperils the conscience rights of pharmacists by failing to provide protections for pharmacists who do not want to participate in abortion.

“Through its decision to permit no-test, mail-order abortions after a telemedicine visit, the FDA has abandoned its dual obligations to protect the public and vulnerable populations from harm and to comply with Federal law, including Federal requirements to protect patient safety and longstanding Federal criminal laws which expressly prohibit the mailing and shipping of abortion drugs,” the lawmakers concluded.

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