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“The Harvest is Abundant, but the Laborers are Few!” Matthew 9:37, By Paul DeCamara

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus is saddened at the sight of the masses of people who need spiritual deliverance due to their numbers and the scarcity of those who can minister to them, He reflects on the people as sheep without a shepherd. He comments to the Apostles on the harvest being so plentiful but the laborers so few.

The Apostles understood Jesus’ comments that the “Good News” needed to be spread near and far, so it wasn’t long after, the Lord sent them out in twos to begin the mission of bringing the Gospel and salvation to the world. Amazing what the few dedicated followers of Our Lord were able to accomplish, realizing it wasn’t what they would say or do as much as it was the words and actions that Jesus would impart through them. They trusted in the importance of the mission and that He would bless their efforts.

Sometimes, those who are committed to spreading the culture of life in today’s world need to be like the Apostles in understanding that the Lord will provide to them all they need to make a positive difference in some way to vulnerable young women and men so as to model the sanctity of life and the joy that accompanies it. The mission is critically important and we trust the Lord will bless our efforts.

The Harvest is plentiful, but help is really needed to reap it. The

Pro-Life Union needs volunteers in various capacities and we are asking you to prayerfully consider giving some of yourself in some small way that you are comfortable with to advance our mission of making abortion unthinkable in the Greater Philadelphia area. Remember that if you donate 30 minutes of your time a month, that’s thirty minutes more to the life-saving cause than what we had last month.

For a list of volunteer activities that we are looking to fill, please call Claire Pinto at 215-885-8150 or email You can even sign up in twos, just like the Apostles, if you want to invite a friend to join you.

Great numbers of people coming together in small ways will be how we accomplish really great things.

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