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Will You Support Natalie Kaer in the Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioner Training Program?

My name is Natalie Kaer, and I am a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) in the United States and a parishioner at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Horsham, PA. Over the last year, I have experienced the amazing medical approach of NaProTechnology to help my husband and I achieve our dream of restoring my health and to be open to having children. Finally, my painful menstrual cycles and PMS are being addressed, and I received excellent care from the surgeon who utilized robotic and laser treatment to remove my stage IV endometriosis. I have begun to learn more about natural family planning, women's fertility and health issues, and particularly the Creighton Model of charting women's cycles. It has become apparent to me that we have a great need for these services in our nation and world wide. I would like to take my passion to the next level and have applied for the Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioner training program. The program begins the first week of October and is sponsored by the Saint Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction in Omaha, NE, with Thomas Hilgers, MD, as the director. I am very excited about this opportunity! However, I am also aware that this program requires a substantial financial investment. The tuition, travel, books, materials, and on-site visit will cost approximately $8,000. I am more than willing to invest my time into the program and have been praying/thinking about organizations who would be willing to help me financially as well with a special gift of $100, $200, or even $300. Donations of any size are appreciated, are tax-deductible, and can be sent directly to Pope Paul VI Institute at 6901 Mercy Rd in Omaha, NE 68106. Please make checks payable to "PPVI" and include "Donation-nkaer" on the memo line. If you are unable to assist monetarily, please keep me and this important work in your prayers. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, feel free to contact me at 610-213-9357 or email, or visit for more information.

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